ISPs & Privacy: Why it Matters, and How to Cover Your A$$

Posted by Scott Petry

Apr 5, 2017

Illustration: ISPs & Privacy: Why it Matter, and How to Cover Your A$$NEWS, POLICY

Both the US Senate and the House of Representatives have cleared the way to remove privacy rules for internet service providers (ISPs) like AT&T, Charter, Comcast and Verizon. The President  signed the executive order to repeal these rules, which were originally put in place by the FCC in 2016 to protect consumers on the web. 

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Personal Email at Work - the "Hillary Factor"

Posted by Scott Petry

Jul 7, 2016

Illustration: Personal Email at Work - the Hillary Factor (blog post)Security, Policy

Hillary Clinton’s personal email workarounds during her term as Secretary of State have received much scrutiny in Washington and in the media.

All the political rhetoric aside, a question remains:

Why was she allowed to run her own email server? How could an employee dictate email security policy to IT?

Ready for the answer? Special treatment isn’t reserved only for senior politicians. Personal email workarounds could come back to haunt your organization, too.

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Smart Nation. Dumb Move.

Posted by Scott Petry

Jun 13, 2016

Image: Singapore SkylineSECURITY, POLICY

Singapore is awesome. Since starting Authentic8, I haven’t been back, but I was lucky enough to visit regularly in previous jobs. The island city-state is known for taking care of business and of its citizens, as well as for its “Smart Nation” technology initiative.

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It sucks to be caught in the middle, but there’s a way out.

Posted by Scott Petry

Sep 11, 2015



That was my big takeaway from last week’s ILTACON hosted by the International Legal Technology Association. My team and I came to the annual event to talk to InfoSec pros who work at law firms. Just about all our conversations centered around to the same theme:

Law firm IT departments feel trapped.

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The Real Security Risks of Running Finance Apps in the Cloud (Business Finance Magazine)

Posted by Ramesh Rajagopal

Nov 25, 2013

img_2013-11-01_Business-Finance-MagazineNEWS | SECURITY | POLICY

Read the full article at Business Finance Magazine.

When using sensitive accounting and financial systems in the cloud, worry less about where data lives and more about how users access it.

Finance teams have been relying on web services since before the cloud was the cloud.

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Two CFOs walk into a bar…

Posted by Ramesh Rajagopal

Oct 3, 2013



Who can blame them? Now they’re being asked to deal with data security.

When we started to develop Silo, we had a gut feeling that centrally securing and policy-enabling the browser would have profound implications, though we weren’t sure where it would resonate first.

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Don't sync: centralize

Posted by Ramesh Rajagopal

Jul 16, 2012



Our last two posts have focused on the business use case for Authentic8. Namely the ability for organizations to secure and control access to web apps by delivering them via a sandboxed and policy-wrapped browser in the cloud. But the end-user experience is another piece of the story that we haven’t talked about much. The more I use the service, the more I appreciate the convenience of having a truly portable web experience, and our early beta users realize this, too.

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