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Free Silo for Victims of the OPM Breach

Authentic8 Silo helps you secure your online activity and manage your passwords

It still isn’t clear how many government employees or related parties are impacted by the OPM breach. The latest numbers climb to 32 million, but that’s speculation. If you’re a Federal employee or contractor (or simply applied for a Federal job in the past couple of decades), it’s probably prudent to assume that your data was leaked.

So what do you do? Earlier this week, we posted a checklist of primary steps to take. From here on out, you’ll need to be much more vigilant online. One of the steps we outlined was improving online security by locking down the browser. We’d like to make that step a little easier for you.

If you were notified that your data was leaked, we’d like to offer you a subscription to Silo free of charge for 1 year.

Silo is a cloud-based browser designed for total security when accessing the web, and it can help you manage credentials for your important web apps. Depending on where you work, you might recognize Silo because it's already being used by thousands of people in multiple Federal agencies, municipal governments, law firms, and healthcare organizations. Here's a video that shows why people need Silo at work and at home:

Securing the browser is only one thing to consider after your data has been breached. Let us take this one off the list so you can focus on cleanup. Sign up for your free account by entering your email on the left.