Authentic8 Silo for Online Investigations

With the Toolbox enhancements, Silo, our cloud-based virtual browser, can be configured to meet the needs of InfoSec researchers, OSINT analysts, and law enforcement investigators for online research. Toolbox gives you multiple, geographically-distributed virtual browsers with tools to further spoof your identity and location, analyze content, and capture data.


How Does Silo Work?

Why Silo for Open Source Data Collection?

Secure cloud storage

Secure cloud storage

Browser fingerprint control

Browser fingerprint control

Client-side translation tools

Client-side translation tools

Tools for screen capture and notes

Tools for screen capture and notes



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Silo is configurable, and adding the Toolbox to Silo gives users access to even more.

  Silo Toolbox
Remote execution of all web content  check.png  check.png
Unlimited Usage
 check.png  check.png
TLS-encrypted connections  check.png  check.png
Access from desktops, VDI, and mobile devices  check.png  check.png
Language translation tools  check.png  check.png
Secure cloud storage  check.png  check.png
Encrypted audit logs  check.png  check.png
Global network of egress nodes for misattribution    check.png
User agent string manipulation    check.png
Browser fingerprint manipulation    check.png
Non-attribution features    check.png
Page capture tools    check.png
Source code and TCP packet analysis    check.png
Video download tools    check.png

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