Monthly News Roundup - July 2015 (TL;DR)

Posted by Drew Paik

Aug 1, 2015



The US government scored a 1-1 win-loss record on cybercrime this month. The FBI coordinated the takedown of an infamous cybercrime forum. Win! However, there were ominous updates on the OPM breach. Loss. In addition, a new OpenSSL vulnerability and some high profile hack attacks made headlines. All of July’s biggest infosec stories are in our monthly roundup, below:

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Authentic8 Extends Virtual Browser Capability With Secure Cloud-Based Storage

Posted by Ramesh Rajagopal

Jul 28, 2015



MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 28, 2015) -  Authentic8, the leading provider of virtual browsers for the enterprise, has released secure, cloud storage options for organizations seeking to manage sensitive files. Authentic8 Cloud Storage combines an encrypted, cloud-based storage solution with a secure and policy-controlled browser, allowing organizations of all types to implement complete control over their data.

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Authentic8 performing on Broadway (sort of)

Posted by Drew Paik

Jul 20, 2015



While we're still looking for backers for our production of the world's first musical about a misunderstood InfoSec professional who lives in the drop-ceiling of a datacenter, we are heading to the Microsoft Technology Center in Times Square as a sponsor of Collabity's Data, Cloud & Disruptive Technologies event on July 28th.

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New OpenSSL vulnerability to be disclosed this week

Posted by A8 Dev Team

Jul 6, 2015



The OpenSSL Project announced that a new “high” severity vulnerability will be disclosed on Thursday, July 9. Full details of the vulnerability have not been disclosed publicly, in line with standard, zero-day procedures, but organizations should be prepared to take immediate action for a vulnerability of this severity.

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Monthly News Roundup - June 2015 (TL;DR)

Posted by Drew Paik

Jun 30, 2015



Major League Baseball cyber snooping and a US government hack grabbed the biggest headlines in June. But vulnerabilities and breakins involving Apple, Japan’s Pension System, and Kaspersky Labs were also in the news. It’s all summarized in nice bite-sized morsels below:

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Your data has been leaked. Now what?

Posted by Scott Petry

Jun 29, 2015


The math isn’t good. Since 2013, more than 1 billion citizens have had their personally identifiable information (PII) compromised. From credit card purchases at hardware stores to government background checks, your data is on servers completely outside of your control. And it appears that the owners of those servers haven’t cared about securing your data as much as you have. So your data has been leaked. Your world is changed, and here are 6 steps to take to get back in control of the situation -- a few of them immediately, the rest over time.

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Shifting the attack surface

Posted by Scott Petry

Jun 24, 2015



I’m not a pessimist. In fact, I’m a hopeful guy. But the latest news about vulnerabilities in Apple’s OS X and iOS makes me re-consider the trust I place in the systems I’ve taken for granted. If we all do this, we can take the steps to protect our organization’s most valuable technical assets.

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Criminals are using a 500-year old scam to hack your network

Posted by Drew Paik

Jun 23, 2015



Phishing exploits that steal passwords from gullible workers have been in the news recently, but your accounts can still be compromised even if users never click on a fraudulent link. Case in point: a recently reported social engineering scam running out of Nigeria. In this attack, dubbed the “Phantom Menace,” the scammer sends an email and PDF attachment to an unsuspecting worker at an oil transportation firm. When the recipient opens the attachment, all they see is an empty document.

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Monthly News Roundup - May 2015 (TL;DR)

Posted by Drew Paik

Jun 1, 2015


This month we learned that the high cost of hacks keeps getting higher. Also, the IRS announced that data thieves (and/or their black market customers) stole millions from the U.S. taxpayer. Oh, and yet another health insurer has had its customers’ data stolen. Surprise, surprise. All that and more as we take a look at the headlines from May 2015:

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How To Earn An “A” In Network Security

Posted by Drew Paik

May 18, 2015



At a recent DHS summit, the department’s director of software and supply chain assurance, Joe Jarzombek, presented a critical assessment of public and private organizations’ security measures. According to Jarzombek, organization’s have done a solid job fixing software defects and managing their adverse effects. However, when it comes to protecting organizations from hackers and thieves, Homeland Security isn’t handing out any gold stars.

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